Harvey's Website List

You can save your favourites or bookmarks to make a file like this.  Or create one from scratch - I'm using the free NVU editor.  Or you can copy and paste web addresses into an email message and send it to yourself.

These are sites my family created.  They show that anyone can make a website and put it up on the internet.
Software Spirit  Three Generation Watercolour Artists  Robb  Spirit River Museum  
Professionally made sites may be better:  SR Museum 2              

Some useful websites:  Wikipedia   Maps  Weather  Revenue Canada   Telus Directory    Dictionary    Internet Public Library
 Thesaurus   Community history books    Regional Library   ebay   amazon  
Gutenberg free library of ebooks and audio books:  US, Canadian  Most of these books are old.  You can volunteer to help scan, type or check the books.  I helped with the book Governor Brock's wife wrote in the 1700's and it was fun.
PhotoBucket lets you store your photos on their server, free.  You can email links to friends.  Most pictures posted to forums are stored on sites like photobucket.  

Got an email you that is hard to believe?  Check it here before forwarding it:    urban legends: about.com, snopes.com  

Forums are websites where people discuss interesting things:
  World Wide Seniors  RV.net  Financial Webring   Bleeping Computer  Sienna Club  
Forums are a great way for people to help each other.  The RV and car sites are great for finding the best way to deal with a problem.  Ditto for the computer site.  You can ask a question and get answers from ordinary people and experts.  Or just chat.

A little change in the address makes a big difference:   whitehouse.gov   whitehouse.org  

The best search engine is Google because it lists sites ("hits") in order of  how popular they are with people (except the ones at the top that have paid to be put there).  www.google.ca    
When searching, enter words you expect to see on the pages that you are looking for.  If the word MUST be on the page, put a plus sign before it.  If the word must not be on the page, put a minus sign before it.  Phrases should be in quotation marks (great for checking for plaigerism on student work).  Example:  search for: "hair loss" +natural -transplant  (many will prefer -natural).

Free and low cost software: Download.com     pdf reader   pdf writer "printer"   webpage editor NVU  TaxFreeWay income Tax  Picture size reducers:  Windows XP, Vista/7  AdWcleaner  Malwarebytes   Classic Shell: start menu for Win 8  
Genealogy: Community history books   Canadian census  CanadaGenealogy    Cyndislist    Ont.Archives   BC     Mormons    GenLinks  

Harvey's Windows 8 and 10 tips:  
It is hard to find your documents and pictures.  The first thing I do is right click on the desktop, choose "new" - "shortcut" - "Computer".  When doubleclicked, this shortcut shows other things in its sidebar - including good old Documents and Pictures.

Two people among those I help lost their Windows Account password.  They swear it got changed by some failure of  Microsoft, but regardless of how it happens it can be quite traumatic, even loss of all photos and other data on the computer.  I can reset a windows 95 to 7 login in a few minutes, but these new Microsoft Accounts are different.  Safeguard yourself by adding a second account for access to your computer.  Make it a LOCAL account just in case there is a problem with Microsoft accounts (usually the username is something@outlook.com).  
how to make a local account
Read carefully; the links you need to click on are in smaller, less bold print.  Make it an administrator account so it is possible to access photos and documents in the other account.  Write all your usernames and passwords in a notebook.