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The Teacher's Marksheet lets you enter marks in order or randomly from a stack of papers.  Organize into sheets (usually units or categories like assignments and tests.  You can choose comments from a list or type them as you go, and create versatile reports or compact strip printouts.

  • Zoom in on a student's demographics or marks to view just one student by right clicking on a name or mark.
  • Click tabs to see other sheets.  Name the sheets "assignments", "tests", etc. if you like.
  • Instantly switch between raw scores and per cent.
  • Enter A+, B-, etc. as marks, special marks like excuse, absent, not handed in.  Attach a note to any mark.
  • Enter marks by name (type the first 2 or 3 letters of the name).
  • Comments chosen from a list of 500, or type individual comments. Up to 20 comments from the list per student, up to 4 in one sheet.  Squiggly red underline spell checking & thesaurus.
  • Print out marksheet (optionally by ID or secret name for posting)
  • Print class list with squares for attendance or marks
  • Print student reports with many options including just the missing assignments
  • Print full page or compact reports - up to a ten students on one page.
  • click "email" instead of "print" to email reports directly to parents.
  • Export reports to student folders on your network
  • Organize your marks into as many sheets as you like - put assignments in one, tests in another, etc. or put a each unit of your course in a separate sheet.  Any column in any sheet can be the average column from a sub-sheet, so you can organize each unit into assignments, tests, etc.
  • Tabbed notebook style for quick movement between sheets.
  • Simultaneously organize into categories so you can see the just test marks from all the sheets..
  • Unlimited levels of weighted averaging - weight the columns within each sheet; weight the average columns of these subsheets in their controlling sheets. Auto excuse from optional modules.
  • Blank marks: your choice of zero/excused in class average/ excused in student average.
  • Sort alphabetically, by rank, gender, secret name, ID or group. Bargraph by grade, gender, etc.
  • Identify students by groups - those taking a particular module or those working with a particular teacher in a multi-class situation.  Choose to view only one group.
  • Automatic backup system keeps several backup copies
  • Averages and comments copy to the clipboard for your word processor so you can use the comment system for anecdotal reporting.
  • Up to 500 students per class, 1000 marks per student.
  • Import marks from LXR-Test (scoring edition)
  • Copy&Paste classlist to Palm Pilot (or other PDA), enter marks there & copy/paste back to Marksheet.
  • Works on all versions of Windows from 95 to Vista and 7.  The whole program occupies only 2 MB on your hard drive.  Memory requirements are very modest; runs nicely on any Windows computer.

    WinTMS 3.0 prices
    Teacher license $30
    Group of teacher licenses: $50 + $10 per teacher
    School license: $100 plus $6 per full time teacher working at the school
    Department license (math, science, etc.): $100.
    Updates from WinTMS 2.0
    teacher license $20
    school: $50 plus $3 per full time teacher

    No GST (sales below Revenue Canada threshold), no delivery charge.

    Send a cheque to Harvey Brown, Box 825, Spirit River, AB  T0H 3G0 or use PayPal to send money to
    Delivery is usually via email now.  Ask for a CD if you want one.

    Read on to download a free, fully functional demo copy. It does expire in a couple of months and will annoy you by printing "Software Spirit Demo" on all your printouts.  The demo can be upgraded to a teacher or school license with the addition of a tiny file easily sent via email even to school boards that block program attachments.

    Recent changes & latest news for WinTMS 3.0

    Downloading a demo or update for WinTMS 3.0

    To try out the Marksheet demo or update your licensed copy, just click on the underlined word "download" about 6 lines below.  Your computer will ask you to choose a location - on your desktop or hard drive (remember where!).  It takes about 5 minutes on a modem.
    Doubleclick on the downloaded file "MakeTMS3.exe", click "unzip", "OK" and "close".
    That's it for the update.  If it is a first time installation of version 3, you have to open My Computer, C drive, WinTMS folder and doubleclick on WinTMS3.exe.

    Download WinTMS3 demo/update (2.1 MB, June 3, 2013)    see list of changes up a screenfull

    The installation file, "MakeTMS3.exe" no longer fits on a floppy disk.  Put it in your staff folder so teachers can run it over the school network.  To transport it to another computer via floppy disk, install it on the first computer, then copy the files from the WinTMS folder to two floppy disks.  The WinTMS3.exe program will occupy one disk by itself.

    Download the WinTMS Workshop - an hour-long step by step workshop for beginners.
    Microsoft Word document, 600 kb zipped.

    WinTMS 3 will work as a demo unless you have purchased it.  Installing it does not overwrite your WinTMS2, but it will make version 3 run when you double click on a file.  To go back to 2.0, just open My computer, C drive, WinTMS folder and doubleclick on WinTMS2.exe.  If you save a real marks file with 3.0, you may not be able to open it with 2.0. 


    WinTMS 3.0 Enhancements over 2.0

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