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All of these programs were written in the Delphi development system.  Just ask if you would like the source code.

Windows running process lister

A very small program that simply lists the processes that Task Manager lists, including the full path name so you can see what program they are part of.   You can easily copy and paste the list into a text file for before/after comparisons, or to email/forum when asking for computer help. You may be surprised at what is running on your computer! Some processes waste a lot of computer resources and make your computer sluggish.
Download ListProcesses for Windows. 

Accounting transactions drill

Debits, credits, assets, liabilities, capital, etc.
Download the free accounting transactions drill for Windows. 

Millikan Oil Drop Experiment simulation for Physics 30.

This simulation (somewhat similar to the original) lets students balance the electric and gravitational forces on a charged oil drop.  They can then calculate the charge and deduce the elementary charge.

Download Millikan experiment for Windows (physics 30).  Run it, click "unzip", "ok", "close".

Touchtype Keyboarding program

This keyboarding program has lessons you can easily change, including the numeric keypad.  One, two, three, four and five minute timings.  Indicates speed in words per minute and speed with incorrect words removed.

Download Touchtype, a free keyboarding program.  Run it, click "unzip", "ok", "close".  Open the readme.txt file for more.

Turtle Graphics for kids

There are many Turtle Graphics programs but only this one has everything in one window, lets you do one command at a time without any brackets and build nested procedures and is completely freeware. 

Download Turtle, Run it, click "unzip", "ok", "close".  Open the readme.txt file for more.  Note: unzips to C:\Turtle.  You may want to change this or copy it because each user requires a separate Turtle folder.