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Hello, I am Harvey Brown, owner of
Software Spirit
and author of software for teachers and schools. From this website you can see lists of features, recent changes and download demo/updates.   You cannot lose any of your data by updating. 

Software Spirit is basically a one-person business located an hour north of Grande Prairie in the Peace River District of northern Alberta.  I would like to hear from you - email harvey at (replace the " at " with @). Telephone or fax 780 864 3608. Mail to Box 825, Spirit River, Alberta T0H 3G0 Canada.  

Cheques are still the most common method of payment, but I can receive payments over the internet via PayPal.  It does take some time to get signed up on it.  When paying via PayPal, please be careful to specify Canadian dollars or the appropriate number of  U.S. dollars.  Go to your Paypal account and send to PayPal user  Please also email your order to me.  


Senior computer classes: your links are here.  (and also in the blue H at top left)
Physics forums is highly recommended for physics students at any level - get free immediate help online from experts.
Check out my family's Watercolour Painting website!   Retired?  Chat with me and others on the Worldwide Seniors Forum.

My brother-in-law has a business that actually manufactures sports scoreboards in Canada.  They are widely used in Ontario but little known in Alberta.  Check out Harris Time SMARTSCOREBOARDS, shipping programmable 30 second shot clocks,  arena size time-of day clocks, and track and field timers across Canada.

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